Pay Portal is a company that specializes in Simple Secure Payments, customized to fit your business needs and processes. We specialize in instant EFT Payment Solutions that will streamline your business, whether online or real world.

Using a Secure EFT process for you and your customers is smoother, cheaper and safer than credit card transactions.

  • Clients can pay through 6 banks vs the traditional 4.
  • There are no set up fee’s or monthly subscription fee’s.
  • There is no application download or registration needed to complete a payment with us. All transactions are web based under a Thawte certificate (for security and peace of mind).
  • We also provide instant notifications of real-time transactions.
  • Instant EFT provides a channel for EFT’s to be transacted directly from a payers account into the merchant’s account (not limited to how many accounts you can upload)
  • Our Instant EFT process does not store monies or data, all transactions are encrypted therefore a virtual merchant account with the bank will not be needed for use with us.
  • Instant EFT  is an added Payment gateway and does not need to replace any existing methods of payment.
  • Payments made via EFT cannot be reversed, unlike Credit Card and Cheque Card payments, so any customers who try to reverse payments after receiving products are not able to anymore.