About US

Who is Pay Portal?

Pay Portal is a company that specializes in Simple Secure Payments, customized to fit your business needs and processes.

Pay Portal also offers consumers the ability buy electricity online, via our mobile web app

We are an authorized dealer for I-Pay instant EFT payment platform, where we not only provide access to the platform, but we also provide integration services that help tailor the solution to fit your way of working as a business.

This may include integration to your Accounting software or invoicing software or that you need the ability to send out a custom SMS to remind customers that payment is due.

Why i-Pay?

i-Pay is a simple Secure  EFT payment solution that allows the buyer access to make secure payments directly into a Merchant’s bank account in real-time. The payment gateway facilitates transactions via eCommerce, SMS/Mobile, eBilling/Invoicing and in-Store transactions.

I-Pay is currently the best of breed, with excellent support and backup