Power struggles: Philippi satellite police station forced to close early due to limited electricity

Due to limited power supply, another police station at Philippi can only provide community services until 5:00 pm everyday. South Africa (Prasa) uses a generator to turnoff the lights. Forum spokesperson Melihaya Gadeni said: “Over time, the situation has deteriorated and [police] personnel cannot work under these conditions. Community and security risks for police personnel. Police stations areopen from Monday to Sunday morning. 7:00 to 5:00 pm. After 5:00 pm, the guards should go to the Nyanga Police Station. They need the police at night and they must go to Nyanga for help,” Gadney said.Play video Young people from Philippi soil their hands by repairing potholes and cleaning the streets. A group of young people from Philippa, Cape Town, take it as their duty to repair the roads in their area. Police spokesperson Brigadier General Novela Potelva said that the satellite station has been opened to serve the Browns Farm community. Public works”. In view of the ongoing challenges faced by SAPS on site, SAPS management contacted all parties to ensure seamless service while being closer to the Browns Farm community while keeping the police safe. Potelwa added, Cape Town The city proposed an alternative location for the community Western Cape Police two days ago. Commissioner Ice “This gesture was warmly welcomed by SAPS, but Cape Town has not yet received a formal proposal from the city in this regard. DA MPL Reagen Allen said that the police department has been working until 5:00pm for the past two years,”a problem with electricity for many years. “Allen added in a statement: “As the District Attorney of the Western Cape, we are very worried that the station will provide services to the high crime areas of Nyanga and Philippa.” The party’s spokes person and lawmaker said that the community “has not received Appropriate protection”. A response earlier this year found that the Cape Town Police Department had 1.7 million unpaid utility bills. Allen then wrote to the provincial police chief, asking if the police contacted the Plaza, which owns the facility, to restore power. Committed to finding a permanentsolution to the problem of satellite stations,” he added. ANC member Pat Lecker told News24 that the police are powerful partnersin the community and must be on standby at all times. Tasty said: If the community police are not available 24/7, it means that the community is not adequately protected and cared for. He said that cable theft is a big problem in the Western Cape, adding that the city and Eskom need to work together to ensure that the community has access to electricity. “Although this city can provide 24/7 security in areas such as Mitchell’s Plain, it can also be found in other areas with high crime rates,”Lecker added.

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